Die richtige Tafel für deine Chalk Art

The right board for your chalk art


Being creative with liquid chalk pens has become a popular pastime for many. No wonder, because it is a very versatile trend. If you paint on the window with chalk markers, you can create beautiful window pictures that you can easily wipe off again.

But not only window pictures with chalk markers are a great decoration for the home, but also artistically designed blackboards.


The chalk art trend


Since these are chalk markers, it makes sense to work with them on a blackboard. In the meantime, painting or writing on blackboards with chalk or chalk pens has become a real art trend, which is also known as Chalk Art or Chalk Lettering referred to as. With the artistically written and painted boards, your own four walls can be easily decorated and individualized.

Shopping lists or menu plans can also be turned into real works of art with a little creativity.

And the good news is: Even if you are not artistically talented, you can still create great works of art, because there are now a large number of chalk marker templates to be found on the Internet.


The problem with the "ghost writing"


Again and again we get messages from our customers in which they tell us that our chalk pens can no longer be properly removed from their blackboard. They report that no matter how much they scrubbed the rag over it, a trace of the markers would still remain.

These remains, which many report, are also referred to as "ghost writing". Fortunately, this is a phenomenon that can easily be avoided. All you have to do is use the right chalk marker board.


wipe chalk pens


When liquid chalk crayons are used on a blackboard it is very important that it is non-porous. This means it must have a completely smooth surface that does not absorb moisture. If this is not the case, the liquid chalk paint can penetrate deep into the pores and leave discolorations. The so-called "ghost writing" is created.

For example, there are blackboards that are actually made of wood and are only painted with chalk paint. Understandably, these are not really smooth and have a porous surface. But there are also real chalkboards that are simply too rough and are therefore not suitable for chalk markers. This is also the case with most conventional blackboards. Teachers should therefore not use chalk pens on it unless they are 100% sure that the board is suitable for it.

The best way to find the right board for chalk pens is to specifically look for one that is suitable for chalk markers. Otherwise, a glass panel would also be an option.

While chalk crayons are easy to wipe off the window, various other materials can also leave residue. At first glance, surfaces often do not appear to be porous, but in reality they are. Therefore, you should always test everything for porosity first before writing or drawing on it with the markers.

For your test, it is best to find a small, inconspicuous spot on the object in question and draw something small on it. Let it dry and then try to remove it again with a damp cloth. This way you can quickly see how your chalk pens behave on the surface.


How do I remove chalk markers from a blackboard?


If you used real chalkboard, chalkboard pencils are washable. That means you only need a damp rag or cloth to wipe them away. In fact, a dry cloth is usually sufficient.

The question that some are probably asking is:

What can I do if I accidentally used my chalk markers on a porous board?

First of all: don't panic! As a rule, even porous surfaces can be freed from the chalk marker residues with the right cleaning agents. A mixture of water and window cleaner or a mixture of water, baking soda and vinegar-based cleaner have proven effective here. Both should be applied to the discoloration with a sponge.


Designing chalkboards with chalk crayons can be a lot of fun and make great works of art. In order to save yourself trouble, you should inform yourself in advance about the suitability of the materials you are using.

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