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Design window pictures with chalk markers

Chalk markers have now found their way into many households. This is mainly because they are so versatile and can be used wonderfully for decoration. A trend that has developed from the enthusiasm for chalk markers is also the embellishment of window panes with them. You can really let off steam creatively and make your windows a real eye-catcher.

Window decoration made easy

If you're concerned now that you don't have the artistic talent to use chalk markers to conjure up artwork on your window panes, know that it's a lot easier than you think. Even with simple and uncomplicated motifs, you can skilfully stage your windows. And if you still have doubts or you've decided to do something more complicated, you can use our free chalk marker templates. Here we have great motifs for you that are ideal for autumn and winter. We guarantee that you can use it to create works of art that you will be proud of.



Set classic white or color accents

Anyone who thinks of window decorations with chalk markers often automatically has classic, white motifs in mind. But of course you can also set intensive color accents. It is also nice when the colors are chosen to match the season. In spring and summer, for example, you can use light, luminous chalk markers, while in autumn and winter you tend to use darker, warmer shades.


Tips for the perfect window decoration with chalk markers

 Whether you prefer to start with the templates or just want to put your talent to the test freehand, painting on glass is a great pastime and small mistakes can be easily wiped away and touched up. So it's not a problem if you make a mistake.

To make your window decoration even easier and better, we have a few useful tips for you.


1. Choose an appropriate theme

 Sometimes really great works of art come out of it if you just start painting. But especially as a beginner, it is better if you determine a motif beforehand that you want to paint on the window pane. Otherwise you may get bogged down and in the end there will only be chaos on the window. It is best to create a small sketch on paper beforehand.


2. Start with simpler motifs

 Admittedly, if you look around the Internet for window decorations with chalk markers, you will come across so many great motifs and inspirations that you quickly get carried away and decide on a very difficult motif. But if you are a beginner and you still lack the practice, you should make sure that you keep it simple at first and only slowly increase the level of difficulty of your pictures. This way you will always achieve good results and stay motivated.


3. Paint from the inside or outside?

 In general, there is nothing wrong with painting pictures from the outside on the window pane. But keep in mind that you won't be able to use your decoration for very long because the chalk markers can't withstand rain and moisture for long. It is therefore advisable to paint more on the inside of the windows.


4. Write lettering on the windows

 Artistic lettering and quotes are very trendy. So it makes sense that you would also like to decorate the window pane with one or the other. With lettering, however, you have to make sure that you have to write it mirror-inverted so that you can read it the right way around from the outside. That's why you should definitely create a template for fonts first, because otherwise you'll probably have a hard time rethinking and have to make corrections again and again.


5. Practice makes perfect!

 When you have a chalk marker in your hand for the first time, it is quite normal that you first have to familiarize yourself with how it is used and how it works. That's why you will always make mistakes in the beginning. Luckily, you can easily fix them with a rag and some water. However, you shouldn't give up right away if something doesn't work the way you want it to. If you keep at it, you'll get better and better.


This is how you create your personal works of art with our templates

With the right templates, you can easily transfer your favorite motifs to your window panes.

This is how it is guaranteed to work:

  1. Choose a motif that is the right size

We not only have different templates ready for you, but also different motif sizes. Choose your desired motif according to your individual preferences.


  1. Print out your desired template

When you have found your favorite motif, you must first download it and then print it out.


  1. Choose location and attach template

You can now use the printed template as a template. Glue them from the outside to the desired location on your window pane.


  1. Grab your chalk markers

You can start now. Take your chalk markers and draw the lines on the inside of your window according to the template.


  1. Enjoy your new decoration

When you're done, you can still look at your work of art from the outside. If you are happy with it, you can now look forward to your new decoration.

By the way, you can also use our chalk markers very well on other surfaces. How about, for example, beautifying a mirror with it?


But you can also label glasses with it, which is also great for gifts, for example.