That's how we started


The history of Belgium began inMarch 2018. It started out as a beauty brand, but we realized pretty quickly that we didn't really identify with it. We were much more interested in artist and office supplies. We have always found people who could draw or who were creative in other ways exciting. As the owner, I had a particular soft spot for chalk pencils and their uses. But since I always found these pens very expensive, the idea grew in me to simply make something of my own. Accordingly, the chalk pens were the first product that was sold by Belgium.

 logo belmic

Hello from Hamburg

We are a young startup from Hamburg that has made it its goal to offer people with an interest in art exactly the products they want.

The name "Belgium" actually came about after a night of partying in the early hours of the morning. Bel comes from the French and means "beautiful", while mique is simply a variation of my nickname "Mika".

Belgium stands for people of all ages, who like to be artistically active to bring together. And that is exactly ours Vision for the next few years. We want to reach even more people in Hamburg and beyond and even more Products develop to make artistic activities even more fun. Of course, fairness and transparency in the manufacture of our products are also important to us. One of our big ones Goals is to eventually open a café where artists can come together to give each other tips and inspiration.

Belgium so is the brand for you if you love to draw, paint and everything that goes with it. And who knows, maybe one or the other will discover their love for art through ours Produkte.