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4 chalk pens I whiteboard marker black and white

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    CHILD-FRIENDLY CHALK MARKERS – No hazardous ingredients and completely dust-free! Belmique Chalk Markers are not only safer than regular chalk, they also give you more beautiful colors for every event!
    PERFECT FOR SMOOTH SURFACES - Bright, opaque white and black chalk paints on a variety of smooth surfaces! Whether window, whiteboard, blackboard or glass - the Belmique window crayons can be used as whiteboard markers, glass markers, chalk paint & window pens and express bold colors!
    CHALK MARKER WITH REPLACEABLE TIP – Bullet point & chisel point in one! Switch between the two variants with just one simple movement and enjoy a great grip for a great, soft writing experience and inspire with expressive drawings in detail on non-porous surfaces.
    EASILY REMOVABLE – In contrast to conventional permanent markers, our board markers can be easily removed. Simply wipe the smooth surface with a damp cloth! No scrubbing, scratching or fiddling with strong detergents. Our glass pens can be used as washable window paint, foil pens, window chalk & glass paint and offer you full flexibility!
    USABLE AS A WHITEBOARD MARKER – This set is ideal for your applications on the whiteboard. You can easily wipe our black markers off again. Our white chalk markers are easy to use on your window. Your advantage is that you can combine our markers perfectly.